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DIS Group HQ
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CDM Ductwork

19 Prince William Road
Woodbrook Industrial Estate

T: +44 (0)1509 611118
F: +44 (0)1509 232345

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What we do…

CDM Ductwork joined the DIS Group in the early 1990s having previously worked as a Sub Contractor.

We are based in Loughborough and are a significant national force in manufacturing and fitting sheet metal ductwork systems to serve HVAC applications, dust and fume extraction and kitchen ventilation etc.

We work in the U.K., Ireland and Europe to serve the needs of the Group and equally an impressive portfolio of external clients.

We are experienced in meeting the construction standards of the HVCA, the CIBSE and specific standards as set down by Consultants, Architects, end users and various statutory bodies.

We work throughout the Industrial, Commercial, Retail and Leisure Sectors etc.

What you get…

From our modern and well equipped manufacturing area with its on site design facilities we provide a fully comprehensive design manufacture and installation package.

Our production processes are computer controlled which allow us to achieve maximum accuracy and efficiency of manufacture and hence deliver to our client’s detailed requirements.

Throughout all processes we provide a quality assured service to ISO9001:2008 standards and will value engineer to ensure complete client satisfaction.

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